Friday, November 6, 2009

Taxi Driver

Actually I got this from my Ustaz's Blog.

Its all about KL Taxi Driver....Girls and Boys please read this and keep your couple away from the dogs!!!! Takde kena mengena pun ayat yang last tu. Ok ok. Korang baca la.

Please take a few minutes to read this and please pass it on to every female you know and care about.. On Saturday, 4th July 2009 at 6:45pm my sister boarded a taxi at the Wangsa Maju LRT to return home. At the end of the road, the taxi driver stopped to pick up another male passenger who seemed to be going off the same direction. Well, my sister didn't suspect anything funny as they looked genuine, and he was going her direction and she was in a hurry.. Little did she suspect that she was in for a huge trauma! But when she asked the taxi driver to turn into the junction where she lives, the driver pretended to miss it and the male passenger said that since they were already nearer to his place, why not send him off first and the driver politely asked my sister if that's ok and she thought she was doing a good deed! As soon as they got to the end of the housing area next to the big walls of the Academy TV3, the male passenger, locked all the doors andleapt to the back and held a knife at her throat and forced her to bend her head down - she had to give up her jewelry, and the $200 cash she had. Not satisfied with only that much, they threatened for more so they drove off to Maybank Jln Setapak and took out everything she had that was around 7:30pm ....The driver returned the card after clearing the account! Then they drove off to the back area of Tasik Titiwangsa and dropped her off there. Left her with only $10 and ask her to take another taxi home! My sister had to walk a long way back to the main road to get help and she is really traumatised by all these. Later at the police station we found out that she was victim #3 that same day! Let's remind everyone we know, as it could easily happen to us too or to anyone we care about.

The lesson to be learnt here:
1. always check the plate # BEFORE you board a taxi.
2. always check the other things that a taxi should have - the driver's ID, the inside number etc, etc.
3. NEVER allow the driver to pick up another passenger - No matter what! If they do, get off and just pay the man.
4. avoid taking the taxi alone, if you can.
5. be extra careful if it is after office hours.

Tambahan untuk lesson..hehehehe. Apa yang aku rasa la.
1. *always check the plate number BEFORE you board a taxi (???????).
p/s: Ada alatnya ke?? So, tak payah naik taxi. Korang jalan kaki je senang. Kalau jauh, naik la beca ke, basikal ke, skuter tolak ke.

2. *always check the other things that a taxi should have and bla..bla..bla..
p/s: Susah tu! Ala..senang cerita agak-agak korang tengok muka driver taxi tu macam mintak pukul, korang tak payah la naik.

3. *NEVER allow the driver to pick up another passenger and bla..bla..bla..
p/s: Jangan lupa sepak sekali driver taxi tu. Mengada-ngada nak ambik passenger lain. Huh!

4. *avoid taking the taxi alone, if you can.
p/s: Alah, kalau terpaksa, korang tarik je mat-mat bangla ke, mat-mat indon ke naik sekali dengan korang. Habis cerita. (^_^)

5. *be extra careful if it is after office hours.
p/s: kumpul duit beli kenderaan sendiri.

p/s: Jangan salah faham. Aku bukan mempermain-mainkan apa yang pengajaran ustaz aku bagi tu. Tapi saje sekadar untuk menghiburkan hati sendiri.
p/s: Dah baca? Ah, lu pikir dan nilai la sendiri! Korang sume dah besar an? PEACE!! (^_-)


  1. afif ,
    apakah itu taxi ?
    tak tau .
    teksi tau ler .
    tapi tak penah naik .
    bila da tau camni lagi takkan mahu naik sampai bila-bila melainkan pemandu teksi uh bernama afif ahnaf , berkasot puteh , baru i brani naik . heh :)
    thanks for sharing this story anyway .

  2. nurika~
    taxi tu salah satu spesies kereta lembu.

    uih, agak sukar tu. krn mnjd seorg driver 'teksi' bukan cita-citanyaaaa...hahaha. (^_^)